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There are 50 unique music tracks in Duke Nukem 3D. Individual soundtracks were scored for all 48 levels of the game, and two more tracks were produced for the title screen and for the opening cinematic of The Birth.

All of the music was written and produced by Lee Jackson and Bobby Prince, both of whom previously collaborated on Rise of the Triad and have independently scored other games in the Duke Nukem franchise.

MIDI files in the game use the special EMIDI format, designed by Jim Dosé and Lee Jackson.

Track Listing[]

Episode One[]

# Track Name Composer Level MIDI
01 Grabbag Lee Jackson Title Screen/Menu grabbag
02 Stalker Lee Jackson E1L1: Hollywood Holocaust stalker
03 Taking the Death Toll Bobby Prince E1L2: Red Light District dethtoll
04 The City Streets Bobby Prince E1L3: Death Row streets
05 Water World Bobby Prince E1L4: Toxic Dump watrwld1
06 Sneaky Snake Bobby Prince E1L5: The Abyss snake1
07 The Call of Death Bobby Prince E1L6: Launch Facility thecall
08 Ah, Geez! Lee Jackson E1L7: Faces of Death ahgeez

Episode Two[]

# Track Name Composer Level MIDI
09 Future Military Conquests Lee Jackson E2L1: Spaceport futurmil
10 Space Storm Bobby Prince E2L2: Incubator storm
11 Gut Wrencher Bobby Prince E2L3: Warp Factor gutwrnch
12 RoboCreeping Lee Jackson E2L4: Fusion Station robocrep
13 Stalag 3-D Lee Jackson E2L5: Occupied Territory stalag
14 Pissed! Bobby Prince E2L6: Tiberius Station pizzed
15 Aliens, Say Your Prayers! Bobby Prince E2L7: Lunar Reactor alienz
16 Plasma Lee Jackson E2L8: Dark Side xplasma
17 Alfred H. (My Family's Plot) Lee Jackson E2L9: Overlord alfredh
18 Gloomy Lee Jackson E2L10: Spin Cycle gloomy
19 In Tents Lee Jackson E2L11: Lunatic Fringe intents

Episode Three[]

# Track Name Composer Level MIDI
20 In Hiding Bobby Prince E3L1: Raw Meat inhiding
21 Going After the Fat Commander Bobby Prince E3L2: Bank Roll fatcmdr
22 Taking Names Bobby Prince E3L3: Flood Zone names
23 Subway Bobby Prince E3L4: L.A. Rumble subway
24 Invader Bobby Prince E3L5: Movie Set invader
25 Gotham Lee Jackson E3L6: Rabid Transit gotham
26 233.778 Celsius Lee Jackson E3L7: Fahrenheit 233c
27 Lord of L.A. Bobby Prince E3L8: Hotel Hell lordofla
28 Urban Jungle Lee Jackson E3L9: Stadium urban
29 Spook Bobby Prince E3L10: Tier Drops spook
30 Whomp Lee Jackson E3L11: Freeway whomp

Episode Four[]

All tracks for The Birth were composed by Lee Jackson.

# Track Name Level MIDI
31 Briefing Room Opening Cinematic briefing
32 Missing? Impossible! E4L1: It's Impossible missimp
33 Preparation D E4L2: Duke Burger prepd
34 Baked Goods E4L3: Shop-N-Bag bakedgds
35 Calypso Facto E4L4: Babe Land cf
36 Lemon Chilllllllllllllllll E4L5: Pigsty lemchill
37 Pissed Office Box E4L6: Going Postal pob
38 Warehaus E4L7: XXX-Stacy warehaus
39 Layers of Dust E4L8: Critical Mass layers
40 Floghorn E4L9: Derelict floghorn
41 Departure E4L10: The Queen depart
42 Restricted Area E4L11: Area 51 restrict

Episode Five[]

All additional tracks for Alien World Order were composed by Lee Jackson. The track Bullet Dam features riffs from Stalker (featured on Hollywood Holocaust), and the track Dukelinka features elements from famous Russian songs, such as Korobeiniki and the National anthem of Russia. The music does not use MIDI files.

# Track Name Level
43 Bullet Dam E5L1: High Times
44 Dukelinka E5L2: Red Ruckus
45 Big Ben Bang E5L3: Bloody Hell
46 Desert Maze E5L4: Mirage Barrage
47 Paris Manson E5L5: Tour de Nukem
48 Bridge Out E5L6: Golden Carnage
49 Pluck You E5L7: Hollywood Inferno
50 Roman Thunder E5L8: Prima Arena


For the soundtrack to the expansions packs, see:


The title track in the game is "Grabbag", written by Lee Jackson. The track has become well-known in pop culture and has elicited an officially sanctioned studio version by the thrash metal band Megadeth for the compilation album Duke Nukem: Music to Score By. Remixes of the track are used in several other Duke Nukem games.

Another version of the track was recorded by Chris Kline in August of 2005. 3D Realms featured this rendition on the front page of their website and paid Kline to use it for promoting the release of Duke Nukem 3D for the Xbox Live Arcade.

The track's title is a reference to the process Jackson employed when composing it. According to Jackson:

As the song progressed, I started to feel like I was reaching into a bag, pulling things out, and just seeing how they fit together. I'd grab the ideas for the drums in from one place, the harmonic progression from another, and the melody from several different places. Bits of Pantera-inspired riffs showed up in the guitar lines, and a good measure of Ozzy Osborne and Black Sabbath inspired the mode switching I did in the melodic line. For a bit of fun, I tossed in a Rick Wakeman-style keyboard riff, just to see whether or not it would work. When it came time to wrap up the session and save the song, I still had no idea where I was going with it. I hadn't even begun to think of a title, and to be honest, I didn't really think that there was much of a song there yet. Nevertheless, I needed a filename in order to save the song to my hard drive, even though I still didn't have a title for it. Since it seemed like I'd been reaching into a grabbag and pulling out song ideas while writing the song, that's what I chose for its filename: Grabbag.

For the Atomic Edition CD, a remixed version of Grabbag was recorded in CD-Audio format and included as a hidden audio track (track number 2 on a mixed-mode CD). The updated version is available for free to download.

Duke Nukem: Music to Score By[]

Several Duke Nukem games feature popular tracks from well-known musicians. A greatest hits compilation, titled Duke Nukem: Music to Score By (the Official Duke Nukem Album) was released in 1999 and consisted of heavy metal and hip hop music. Musical artists included Megadeth, Slayer, Type O Negative, Stabbing Westward, Sevendust, Xzibit, Wu-Tang Clan, and others.

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