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There is a large variety of music in Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (titled just Duke Nukem in PAL regions) composed by Mark 'madfiddler' Knight with XA streaming audio sounds.

Some tracks were originally designed by Jim Dose' and Lee Jackson. Songs were originally written by Lee Jackson and Robert C. Prince III (aka Bobby Prince), but bespoke and rearranged.

Track Listing with links to iamspider on youtube[]

Track Name Level(s)
Grabbag (Tongue in Cheek Gabba Version) Main Menu
Stalker 1 E1M1
Stalker 2 E1M2
Bar Music Red Light District Bar Music
Echo and the Harewomen E1M3, E1M6, E2M10
Distortion E1M4, E3M4
Mental Heavy 1 E1M5, E3M11
Mello Chello E2M1
Spacey E2M2, E4M5
Eerie E2M3, E4M3
Warehouse E2M4
Atmospheric E2M5
303 E2M6, E3M5
Mental Heavy 3 E2M7
Trance Rock E2M8, E3M8
Metallic Horrific 2 E2M9
Nick's Bass is OLD E2M11
Chaingun in my Hands E3M1, E4M7
Bar Music Raw Meat Bar Music
Chemicals 2 Yer Head E3M2, E4M2
Chemicals Fuck Your Spoon E3M3, E4M1
Lemon Chill E3M6
233.778 celcius E3M7
Mental Heavy 2 E3M9
Jungle Dick E3M10, E4M4
Chemicals Fuck Your Head E4M6
Bonus Music End of Level
Gabbag (Duke Nukem Total Meltdown) End of Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown
Briefing Unused Music 1
Dubsbace Unused Music 2
Metallic Horrific 1 Unused Music 3
Mysteronious Unused Music 4
Pob Unused Music 5
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