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There is a large variety of music in Duke Nukem 3D's expansion set Duke it out in D.C.. There is a total of 11 tracks that can be found in the game files. Each level in the game has a different signature track, and there are also tracks for the title screen, but this episode Duke it out in D.C. has to replace the original third episode in it's place.

MIDI files in the game use the special EMIDI format, designed by Jim Dose' and Lee Jackson. Songs were written by Lee Jackson and Robert C. Prince III (aka Bobby Prince), who previously was employed at id Software, working on such titles as Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen and, most famously, Doom I & II.

Track Listing[]

Episode Three[]

No. Track Name Composer Level MIDI Notes
01 Grabbag Lee Jackson Title Screen/Menu grabbag -
02 In Hiding Bobby Prince E3L1: Hell to the Chief inhiding -
03 Going After the Fat Commander Bobby Prince E3L2: Memorial Service fatcmdr -
04 Taking Names Bobby Prince E3L3: Nuked Files names -
05 Subway Bobby Prince E3L4: Smithsonian Terror subway -
06 Invader Bobby Prince E3L5: Capitol Punishment invader -
07 Gotham Lee Jackson E3L6: Metro Mayhem gotham -
08 233.778 Celsius Lee Jackson E3L7: Brown Water 233c -
09 Lord of L.A. Bobby Prince E3L8: Dread October lordofla -
10 Urban Jungle Lee Jackson E3L9: Nuke Proof urban -
11 Spook Bobby Prince E3L10: Top Secret spook Secret level
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