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There is a few variety of music in Duke Nukem 3D's expansion set Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach. There is a total of 6 tracks that can be found in the game files. Each level in the game has a different signature Caribbean-themed track, and there are also tracks for the title screen with the rest being either tropical party music or containing heavy tribal influences.

All songs for this expansion were composed by Jenna Ramsey, as shown in both the MIDI metadata and the expansion's credit screen.

Track Listing[]

Episode Three[]

No. Track Name Composer Level MIDI Notes
01 Duke-O Jenna Ramsey Title Screen/Menu duke-o -
02 Irie Party Time Jenna Ramsey E3L1: Caribbean Catastrophe irieprty -
03 Duke-O Jenna Ramsey E3L2: Market Melee duke-o -
04 Irie Party Time Jenna Ramsey E3L3: Mr Splashy's irieprty -
05 Party Cruise Jenna Ramsey E3L4: The Wavemistress prtcruz -
06 Jungle Vein Jenna Ramsey E3L5: Lost Lagon jungle -
07 Solitary Man Jenna Ramsey E3L6: Voodoo Caves sol-man1 -
08 Doomsday's Comin' Jenna Ramsey E3L7: The Alien Remains doomsday -
09 Solitary Man Jenna Ramsey E3L8: A Full House sol-man1 Secret Level
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