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There is a few variety of music in Duke Nukem 3D's expansion set Duke: Nuclear Winter. There is a total of 6 tracks that can be found in the game files. Each level in the game has a different signature Christmas-themed track, and there are also tracks for the title screen with the rest being either festive party music or containing heavy seasonal influences.

The expansion does not credit anyone for music, and the MIDI metadata likewise lacks authorship indication. It is likely the songs were taken from online collections of Christmas MIDI files instead of being composed specially for the game.

Track Listing[]

Episode Two[]

01 Here Comes Santa Claus - Title Screen/Menu grabbag -
02 Frosty The Snowman Lee Jackson E2L1: Deja Vu nw1 -
03 Sleigh Ride - E2L2: Where It All Began nw2 -
04 Jingle Bell Rock - E2L3: Land of Forgotten Toys nw3 -
05 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - E2L4: Santa's Corporate HQ nw4 -
06 Winter Wonderland - E2L5: The Backdoor nw5 -
07 Sleigh Ride - E2L6: Christmas Village nw6 Copy of nw2.
08 Here Comes Santa Claus - E2L7: Here Comes Santa Claws nw7 Copy of the expansion's Grabbag replacement.
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