Duke Nukem 3D's multiplayer, also known as Dukematch, offers a variety of gameplay modes in which multiple players can either cooperate or kill each other. Though the available gameplay modes will depend on the platform and game edition, most versions of the game typically include co-op and deathmatch modes, each accommodating up to eight players.

All of the levels from the episodic singleplayer campaign are playable in multiplayer matches. In PC versions of the game, downloadable user maps may be added to the available selection of playable maps. In the Xbox 360 version, online leaderboards track each player's rank and kill-count.


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Dukebots are computer-controlled players that can be used to simulate multiplayer matches and, like human-controlled players, use Duke Nukem's character sprites. Multiplayer matches with Dukebots can be started by launching the game with the following command line:

Duke3d /l#(level number) /v#(episode number) /a(Use fake multiplayer bots) /q#(number of dukebots to play with)

The Dukebots are available in the Atomic Edition, Nintendo 64 port, Megaton Edition, and 20th Anniversary Edition.


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