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Mr. Splashy's is the third level of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on pack Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach.


  • Blow up the crack in wall
  • Jump turnstile, enter booth, flip switch
  • get to ride controls, flip switch
  • at 2nd open area (after 1st waterfall) jump out, jump through door way on fire
  • go through open wall, use lift, hit 2 dial switches
  • New door opens, back to 1st open area (after 1st waterfall) (looks like pillars)
  • shoot pots, jump over water, find hidden area with goodies between pillars
  • (after 2nd waterfall) look behind volcano
  • past open fence & BLUE KEY lock, jump into snack stand (use drink dispenser for hot sauce)
  • go down stairs, destroy eggs, hit crate with hand print, vent, pearl
  • go in to water ride, jump into water, find BLUE KEY
  • unlock BLUE KEY lock (AMAZON), kill all eggs, FIND EXIT door
  • down stairs, flip switch, grab YELLOW KEY
  • go in to water ride, use YELLOW KEY to start ride
  • in palm tree area & statue area jump over both sides to get goodies
  • over head wood beams jump out for secret area
  • jump out for hidden area reveal switch behind a wall (jump over) & a crack
  • RED KEY just past palm tree area side door opened


Secret 1[]

Right at the start, after you enter the park, you'll come across a fountain with a mural over top. Jump into the fountain and blow up the wall in the corner. Inside will be the first secret. Be sure to surface inside the blown up section, or you won't get the secret. Contains: Snorkle, Bunch of Bananas

Secret 2[]

On the "Tadpole" ride, you'll first enter a red room however you can't get up on the ledges yet. Wait until you get around to entering the control area of the ride and you'll be able to jump up on the ledges of the red area. In between the pillars on the far side is a wall you can walk through. Contains: 8 x Voodoo Trip Bomb

Secret 3[]

At the bottom of the spiral staircase you'll be in a "box room". On one of the boxes is a bloody handprint. Use the handprint to lower the box and enter the vent. Contains: Pearl Health

Secret 4-5[]

On the log-flume (Mr. Splashy’s Keelboat Kanal), after the big drop, immediately on the left you can jump through the slits in the wall into secret #4. Secret #5 is exactly the same on the other side. You need to act quick for this secret as the water runs pretty fast. Otherwise you'll have to try to jump back, or ride the flume all the way around again. Contains: Pineapples (left), Crate of Bananas (right)


This level (and Market Meele) appeared in Grezzo 2, an italian Doom mod which is known for using resources from other Doom mods, and 2.5d games. In the Grezzo 2 version of level, you are in a "Padre Pio Aquafan" (Aquapark of Father Pio). The level is heavily reskinned, and modified in some ways. Grezzo 2 version also has a boss (giant Father Pio)

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