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Mission Cockroach is the second episode in LameDuke.


E2L1 begins in a canal that runs under a series of bridges, but it progresses into an underground subway system and eventually a sewer.


E2L2 is a short level based in a sewer.


E2L3 takes place in an electrical power facility. The level is completed by destroying an electrical power generator, similar to Fusion Station and Lunar Reactor.


E2L4 features an urban environment and a crude version of the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles.


E2L5 appears to take place in another sanitation plant.


E2L6 consists of a simple hotel with a parking garage, outdoor street, and underground sewer tunnel. This level appears to have been a proof of concept for Hotel Hell, since the outdoor area, front desk, and indoor waterfall were all recreated from scratch in the final map.

Promotional screenshots from the 1995 prototypes show that this level was later heavily refined, but it does not appear to share a development lineage with Hotel Hell. In fact, the two maps do not even share the same author; E2L6 was created by Allen Blum, whereas Hotel Hell was created by Richard "Levelord" Gray. Gray did not join the development team until after LameDuke's completion.


E2L7 begins in a seaside pool, connected to a posh beach house. The level progresses into an underground base, accessed via a secret elevator inside the fireplace.

There is some evidence this level may have been further developed before being scrapped. Specifically, the lounge area near the fireplace resembles a similar lounge from a promotional screenshot later released in 1995. In the 1995 screenshot, the lounge has been sealed-off from the rest of the beach house, with some textures taken from the bedroom on the second floor.


This level normally crashes because it was compiled for an older version of Build, but it can still be accessed by changing the map’s format to version 5. This map is an early version of the waterfall room on Overlord. The textures are completely different, but the geometry is the same as in the final game. This level was duplicated on E3L8.

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