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"Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!"

The Mighty Foot is Duke Nukem's personal monster truck that he drives in Duke Nukem Forever.


Being a customized monster truck, the size of Mighty Foot's tires allow it to crush anyone unfortunate, or foolhardy enough, to step in front of it. The truck also has incredibly powerful boosters that allow it to gain enough speed to jump across massive ditches and chasms.

The Mighty Foot is also incredibly durable, being able to crash through technologically advanced alien fightercraft while sustaining no damage, while the alien craft is utterly destroyed by the force of Mighty Foot's impact. The Mighty Foot is also completely immune to most enemy fire, rendering it indestructable to a wide variety of ammunition types, from plasma rounds to high-explosives (although Duke himself still takes damage from enemy fire).


Despite the Mighty Foot being one of the most dangerous vehicles to exist on Earth, it still has a gas-guzzling engine made worse by the extra fuel consumed by the truck's boosters. This gives the Mighty Foot a very low gas mileage, causing Duke to constantly rummage through areas to find more gas.


"Awwwww and it got such good gas mileage!"

On the Hoover Dam Level an alien gunship attacks the Mighty Foot from the air and lowers down on the edge of a cliff. Duke then accelerates the Mighty Foot off the cliff and towards the alien gunship, destroying it completely. The Mighty Foot then falls into the water behind the dam forcing Duke to abandon his vehicle, lamenting as it sunk to the bottom.

Although the Mighty Foot was likely still intact after it sunk, it was presumably destroyed when a nuclear missile launched from a US satellite struck the Hoover Dam, the massive explosion engulfing everything in its path.


  • The "Mighty Foot" is a reference both to Duke's signature melee kick and to the famous "Bigfoot" monster truck.
  • There is an RC Mighty Foot in the Duke Cave level which Duke uses to get another power cell for his reactor.
  • The RC Mighty Foot is also an avatar item for Xbox Live users.
  • The name of the truck is clearly a reference to the melee attack from Duke Nukem 3D.
  • The Mighty Foot seems to resemble various Ford F-150 series Monster Trucks such as Blue Thunder, Stone Crusher, and Bigfoot.