Meat Grinder is the 6th level in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  1. Move through the infested air duct, and break down the vent. You will be shrunk, and in a day care. Use the fan to launch yourself into the roof. Kill the rats, and head into the air duct again.
  2. Use the boxes, and chair, to launch yourself to the controls. Activate the switch, and exit the room. Use the decontaminate to launch yourself onto the other control panel. Use the dead scientist by scanning his hand.
  3. Go into the daycare. Use the ramp in the corner of the room to get onto the table. Bounce off of the rulers to get to the shelf, and drop down to the Holsommobile .
  4. Drive the car, and use boost to launch off ramps. Drive into the tunnels, and avoid any obstacles. Dodge the spinning mechanical parts, and use them to get to the second level.
  5. Dodge any moving parts again. Boost can help you dodge by speeding up. Drop down, and keep dodging. When a door opens, go through it. Boost over the ramp through the glass.
  6. Boost over any gaps. When you reach water, drop in.
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