Me, Myself and I is the 5th level in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  1. Get in line for the training facility. Move straight forward, to the left of the room, and go through the door. You can use the basketball court, melee training, and weight training for an ego boost.
  2. Move down the main hall, then into the motivation hall. Discover their plan to use the moon. Grab the movie, and activate the controls. Put the movie into the camera that drops down.
  3. Watch the Area 51 safety film. While the clones are distracted, proceed to the testing chamber on the second floor.
  4. Move through the doors, and enter the combat area. You must defeat the clone to advance. Grab the gun in the center of the room, and kill the clone.
  5. Two more clones will enter. Grab the shotgun, and kill the second wave of clones. Another clone will enter with a Shrink Ray. Grab your Shrink Way, and kill him. Move to the second combat area.
  6. This time, you must fight aliens. Two will enter, so grab the laser in the middle. Defeat the aliens as they enter the room. Give back your weapon, and proceed to the third combat area.
  7. This is the final test. More aliens will enter the room. Grab the ‘Impregnader’ in the center of the room. Shoot the small aliens with it, and be sure to not let them jump on you.
  8. After the test, Dr. Proton will figure out it’s you. Alarms will go off, and more aliens will enter. Drop into one of the platforms, and use the tunnels to get to the air ducts. Drop down into the movie room, and kill the clones.
  9. Defeat all of the robots, and go back the way you entered. Continue to kill clones and robots until you enter a door that will explode. After the explosion, you’ll have to find another way out. Use the air ducts near the door
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