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Magic Carpet Ride is the eighth chapter of The Doctor Who Cloned Me.

Ego boosts

There is one new ego boost on this level that cannot be found on any previous level:

  1. Darts: Throw a dart at the dart board in the back hallway. (+1 Ego)


  1. Use the controls for the floating platform. As you’re moving, dodge the lasers by jumping and crouching. To your left, enemies will attack. They will jump on the platform. More will fly in.
  2. Stay on the platform, and fight off any attackers. Once it’s clear, push the object out of the way so you can continue. Dodge all of the lasers, and make your way to the big door.
  3. When the platform stops, exit to the right. Pick up the ‘Freeze Ray ’ which is on a box.
  4. Kill any enemies that enter the area. An elevator will drop down in the center, with an enemy in it. Kill him, and get in the elevator. Grab the explosives in there.
  5. Ride the elevator, and kill anything that attacks. The elevator will break, and fall. Get out, and climb the ladder.
  6. Open the door, go into the next room. You can use the computer for ego. Activate the switch, and kill the enemies in the next room.
  7. Get back to Dylan , and get on the platform. Ride it, and dodge all of the lasers again, until you reach the end of the tunnel.
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