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MachineWorks NorthWest LLC is a software company based in Salem, Oregon that primarily develops mobile games. They have developed games for several platforms, including the Pocket PC, Tapwave Zodiac, Apple iOS, Android, Java ME MIDP, and PC.

Apart from Duke Nukem, MachineWorks Northwest is also known for their mobile games based on Stargate SG-1, Rocky, Doom, and Prey.


MachineWorks Northwest developed the following Duke Nukem games:

Zeebo port of Duke Nukem 3D

According to the developers of the Ripp3D game engine,[1] their game engine was licensed to MachineWorks Northwest to port Duke Nukem 3D to the Zeebo video game console. Plans for a Zeebo port of Duke Nukem 3D were also disclosed by Zeebo Inc. at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2009, as was reported by several media outlets.[2][3][4] However, the Zeebo's well-documented catalog contains no records of the game,[5][6][7][8] suggesting it was never actually published.

In 2020, Seth Robinson, one of the project leads at MachineWorks Northwest, confirmed having worked on a Duke Nukem title for the Zeebo, but he could not recall the game or find it in his personal collection, despite initially misidentifying Duke Nukem Battlefields as the Zeebo title.[9]