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Macabre Conversions was a modding team that was active from mid-2013 to late 2017. The team had four members. Macabre Conversions released the Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition mod Operation: Reckoning on December 31st, 2015. A potential sequel was mentioned in the mod’s INFO.txt file, though development on a sequel never started.

Team members[]

  • David Biermann (a.k.a. Merciless Madman) – Team leader, project leader, concept, level designer, CON editor, voice actor, sound editor, playtester
  • David Taylor (a.k.a. Blackplague202) – Sound editor
  • Ty Towell (a.k.a. Ttwyler) – Playtester, sound editor
  • Joe Zook (a.k.a. Poisonous Ink) – Playtester

DN3D mods[]