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MP5 is a new and exclusive weapon the featured in Duke Nukem Advance. It has to replace the Chaingun Cannon from Duke Nukem 3D, and it's devastating weapon to use against weak to average enemies such as Generals, Pig Cops, Hybrids or Enforcers mostly due to the fast firing rate. However, it can also be used against tougher enemies such as Octabrains mostly due to the fact that as long as you keep firing at them they'll not be able to counter your attack. MP5 is useful for long and hard bosses such as Spiderlord. MP5 is a a great crowd control weapon because of how fast it fires. Use it to quickly clear out groups of weak and medium-strength enemies. It is very effective against Eggs and Crabs. The constant barrage of bullets will constantly stun the Alien Egg or Crab, making it impossible to move. However, it takes a bit of ammo to take them down. MP5 ammo boxes are fairly common. This weapon is inaccurate at range, so always try to keep yourself at a fairly close distance when engaging enemies.

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