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Lunar Reactor is the seventh level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.


Secret 1: Behind the trash compactor

Just before heading outside to the surface of the moon, there is a room where you must flip a switch to open a trash compactor, and you must race to the opposite side before the compactor crushes you. After flipping the switch in this room, do not go straight to the ventilation shaft on the opposite side of the room; instead, look slightly to the right, where a safe alcove with some Shotgun ammo and a Large Medkit can be found. After flipping the switch, quickly move to this alcove before the compactor crushes you. The compactor will close, allowing you to move freely in the space behind the compactor wall. While looking out from the alcove, head to the far left corner of the room. Opening the wall in this corner section will reveal a secret compartment with Atomic Healths inside. It is possible to return to the rest of the level by flipping a switch within the previous alcove.

Secret 2: Control panel in the outdoor canyon

As soon as you reach the outdoor canyon, turn left. There is a control panel that can be opened to reveal a secret compartment.

Secret 3: Luke Skywalker

In the outdoor canyon, there is a secret cave containing a Shrinker and the corpse of Luke Skywalker. There are two ways to reach the cave:

  1. From the higher ledge where you first enter the outdoor canyon, look directly across the chasm. There is a lower ledge with some blue lighting to your right. This lower ledge is where you must normally jump to complete the level. To the left of this lower ledge is a vertical protrusion in the canyon wall. From the higher ledge, face the section of the canyon wall that lies to the left of the vertical protrusion. Without jumping, simply run forwards towards the opposite wall. The fall deals damage very inconsistently, ranging from about 20 to 35 damage. If you survive the fall, proceed deeper into the cave to claim the secret. (Note: Skilled players may also jump around the vertical protrusion from the lower ledge in order to minimize fall damage.)
  2. If you have any Laser Tripbombs, then equip one of them, and simply step off the ledge. As you are falling, watch for the approaching ground below. When you are getting close to the ground, turn and place a Laser Tripbomb on the wall beside you. It is possible to avoid any fall damage using this trick, but even if you place the Laser Tripbomb too early, it will still reduce the amount of fall damage. At the bottom of the chasm, you can find a Jetpack and use it to reach the secret cave.

Upon reaching the secret cave, you can return to the higher ledges above you by opening the section of wall behind Luke Skywalker's corpse. Inside, there is a teleporter that will take you to the ledge with the Yellow Access Card.

Secret 4: Second cave in the outdoor canyon

After obtaining the Yellow Access Card in the outdoor canyon, you will need to return to the main facility through a ventilation shaft. While inside the section of the shaft that extends over the chasm, break through one of the ceiling tiles. Through the opening, climb onto the top of the ventilation shaft. From here, jump diagonally to your left (opposite from the lower ledge with the Yellow Access Card) to find another secret cave.

Secret 5: Control panels beside the Red Access Card

In the underground sewage canal, there is a spinning, yellow, cylindrical gear at one end of the canal. Past the spinning gear is the room containing the Red Access Card. Opening the control panels to the right of the Red Access Card will reveal a secret compartment with a Holoduke inside.

Secrets 6-7: Platforms around the reactor core

In the room with the spinning, destructible reactor, there are walls to the left and right sides that separate the circular walkway from the reactor. Behind each of these walls, there are raised platforms that can be reached by jumping. Each of the two platforms is counted as a secret.


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Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Lunar Reactor (E2L7) -All Secrets-


Megaton Edition


Duke, Use The Force!: Get to secret #3 (see above list) to unlock this achievement.

Easter eggs

  • At the start of the map, there is a lavatory. The leftmost toilet stall has a message on the wall: "BITE ME"
  • The corpse of Luke Skywalker is found in Secret 3. When Duke discovers the corpse, he says, "Now this is a force to be reckoned with."
  • In Duke Nukem 64, Luke Skywalker's corpse is replaced with the corpse of Yoda.


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