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Lost Lagoon is the fifth level of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on pack Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach.


Secret 1[]

After pushing down the yellow pyramid and starting the earthquake, cross the gap again and look to the right. You will notice a little ledge to the side of the green brick. Jump down and it'll lead you to secret #1. Contains: 2 x Pineapples

Secret 2[]

Once you get in the Aztec ruin, in the red room where the ceiling is coming down, crouch on either side of the wall and use the "Battlelord logo" on either side. A panel will open behind some fire. Jump through and grab the second secret. Contains: Pearl Health

Secret 3[]

Once you drop into the rushing river, head upstream towards the giant waterfall. Behind the waterfall is the third secret. Contains: 2 x Conchanator ammo, 2 x Bunch of Bananas


  • "Look boss! De plane, de plane!" is the famous line of Tattoo, a character from 'Fantasy Island'.


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