Duke Nukem Wiki

The websites on this page include forums, databases, and other resources devoted to the Duke Nukem games.

This list is organized roughly according to the sites' popularity and usefulness.


Duke4 is the largest and most active online community of Duke Nukem fans. The forums host daily discussions about everything related to Duke Nukem, including games, modding, mapping, and news about the franchise. Most user maps and mods are first announced in the Duke4 forums before anywhere else on the Internet. It is also a good source for information about the broader Build engine games and their respective communities.

Sister Sites[]

In addition, Duke4 maintains several related websites that feature useful Duke Nukem-related downloads.

Mod DB[]

Mod DB is an online database of mods and total conversions for all kinds of games. Most mods for Duke Nukem 3D are published through this website.

3D Realms Legacy Site[]

3D Realms no longer holds the intellectual property rights to the Duke Nukem franchise, but their legacy site still contains useful resources, including downloads, FAQs, and walkthroughs.


Speedrun.com is the preeminent site for speedruns of most games in the Duke Nukem series. The Duke Nukem 3D leaderboards also feature old speedruns that originally appeared only on Speed Demo Archives.


Several Discord servers are dedicated to discussing Duke Nukem and related topics.


nukemnet.com is a dedicated service connecting players for Duke Nukem 3D multiplayer matches, supporting a wide variety of old games, both via source ports and DOS via DOSBox.

Gearbox Software Forum[]

Gearbox Software hosts a dedicated forum for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Duke Nukem 3D.

The Cutting Room Floor[]

The Cutting Room Floor features many in-depth analyses of code from the Duke Nukem games and their leaked prototypes, highlighting numerous features that were scrapped from the final releases.


R.T.C.M. is an acronym for "Resources for Total Conversions and Modifications." The site contains a knowledge base of historical information about Duke Nukem 3D and its many add-ons. It also has a list of download links for the Build engine, Duke Nukem 3D's source code, and various source ports.


A modding community for Duke Nukem Forever, including the 2011 retail release, the 2001 leaked build, and other incarnations.


MobyGames is a crowdsourced encyclopedia of video games. They offer lots of useful information about Duke Nukem games, but compared to the Duke Nukem Wiki, their website is much more rigidly focused on merchandise and publications, as opposed to the content inside the games.


A few other websites may be of interest to Duke Nukem fans.