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There are several official and unofficial books in the Duke Nukem franchise.

Strategy guides[]

  • Mendoza, Jonathan. The Official Duke Nukem 3D Strategies & Secrets (ISBN 0782117945)
  • Mendoza, Jonathan. The Official Duke Nukem 3D: Strategies & Secret: Atomic Edition (ISBN 0782120954)
  • Brady Games. Duke Nukem: Forever Official Strategy Guide (ISBN 074401297X)
  • Brady Games. Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes Official Strategy Guide (ISBN 0744000149)
  • Brady Games. Totally Unauthorized Combat Guide to Duke Nukem 3D (ISBN 1566865093)
  • Erins, A. Duke Nukem: Time to Kill - Exclusive Strategy Guide (ISBN 1568939167)
  • Erins, A. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Official Strategy Guide (ISBN 156893940X)
  • Smith, Steve, Duke Nukem 64: The Official Strategy Guide (ISBN 0761508805)

Level design[]