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The levels in Duke Nukem Advance take the player through various regions of the world from secret facilities, Egyptian tombs, the streets of Sydney, and an alien vessel. Many of the levels have a fairly non-linear design that allows players to thoroughly explore the levels in different ways and discover secret areas.

Single Player[]

The following list pertains to 19 levels found in the single player campaign in Duke Nukem Advance.

Episode 1 - Area 51[]

The first episode takes place in Area 51. Duke Nukem finds himself traversing Area 51 to uncover the true plans behind the alien invasion. To do this, he must locate a data disc containing Intel on the invasion before moving deeper into the facility to put a stop to a vast hibernating army and eliminating the Spiderlord.

  1. Level One (1A)
  2. Level Two (1B)
  3. Level Three (1C)

Episode 2 - Egypt[]

The second episode takes place in Egypt. Duke is teleported to Egypt to finish off the hibernating army by destroying their environmental regulators. In the process, he must trek through an ancient temple that has been converted into an alien power source run by the Alien Controller to shut it down.

  1. Level One (2A)
  2. Level Two (2B)
  3. Level Three (2C)
  4. Level Four (2D)

Episode 3 - Sydney[]

The third episode takes place in Sydney, Australia. After the destruction of the alien army, Duke travels through the streets of Sydney in search of an undercover informant Jenny, who informs him that the aliens have created a weapon to eliminate all life on Earth. Duke is tasked with destroying the weapon guarded by the Cyber Alien.

  1. Level One (3A)
  2. Level Two (3B)
  3. Level Three (3C)
  4. Level Four (3D)

Episode 4 - Alien Ship[]

The fourth episode takes place aboard the Alien Ship. After battling the aliens on his own turf, Duke brings the fight onto their own ship. While exploring the vessel for a way to bring it down, he uncovers that the Aliens have made clones of Jenny. It is up to Duke Nukem to rescue them, take out the Alien Lord, and get off of the spaceship!

  1. Level One (4A)
  2. Level Two (4B)
  3. Level Three (4C)
  4. Level Four (4D)
  5. Level Five (4E)
  6. Level Six (4F)
  7. Level Seven (4G)
  8. Level Eight (4H)


The following list pertains to the seven levels found in the multiplayer portion of Duke Nukem Advance.

  • Area 51
  • Egypt 1
  • Egypt 2
  • Sydney 1
  • Sydney 2
  • Alien 1
  • Alien 2

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