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Level exit button in Duke Nukem 3D

The levels in Duke Nukem 3D are divided into sequences known as episodes. Three episodes were included in the classic edition of Duke Nukem 3D, but two more episodes were added in the Atomic Edition and 20th Anniversary Edition.

Episode 1 - L.A. Meltdown

The first episode takes place in Neo Los Angeles.

The final boss is the Battlelord.

# Level Designer(s)
1 Hollywood Holocaust Allen Blum
2 Red Light District Allen Blum
3 Death Row Allen Blum
4 Toxic Dump Allen Blum
5 The Abyss Richard "Levelord" Gray
6 Launch Facility (Secret Level) Allen Blum
7 Faces of Death (Secret Level) Allen Blum
8 Dukematch Level 1 (Multiplayer Level) Allen Blum

Episode 2 - Lunar Apocalypse

The second episode takes place in outer space.

The final boss is the Overlord.

# Level Designer(s)
1 Spaceport Allen Blum
2 Incubator Richard "Levelord" Gray
3 Warp Factor Richard "Levelord" Gray
4 Fusion Station Allen Blum
5 Occupied Territory Allen Blum
6 Tiberius Station Allen Blum
7 Lunar Reactor Allen Blum
8 Dark Side Allen Blum
9 Overlord Allen Blum
10 Spin Cycle (Secret Level) Richard "Levelord" Gray
11 Lunatic Fringe (Secret Level) Richard "Levelord" Gray

Episode 3 - Shrapnel City

The third episode takes place back on Earth.

The final boss is the Cycloid Emperor.

# Level Designer(s)
1 Raw Meat Richard "Levelord" Gray
2 Bank Roll Richard "Levelord" Gray
3 Flood Zone Richard "Levelord" Gray
4 L.A. Rumble Richard "Levelord" Gray
5 Movie Set Richard "Levelord" Gray
6 Rabid Transit Richard "Levelord" Gray
7 Fahrenheit Richard "Levelord" Gray
8 Hotel Hell Richard "Levelord" Gray
9 Stadium Allen Blum
10 Tier Drops (Secret Level) Richard "Levelord" Gray
11 Freeway (Secret Level) Allen Blum

Episode 4 - The Birth

The fourth episode was added to the game as part of the Atomic Edition. None of these levels were created from scratch but were instead refined and repurposed from materials that were scrapped before the initial release.

The final boss is the Alien Queen.

# Level Designer(s)
1 It's Impossible Randy Pitchford
2 Duke-Burger Allen Blum
3 Shop-N-Bag Richard "Levelord" Gray, George Broussard note
4 Babe Land Allen Blum
5 Pigsty Richard "Levelord" Gray, Randy Pitchford note
6 Going Postal Allen Blum
7 XXX-Stacy Richard "Levelord" Gray, Keith Schuler note
8 Critical Mass Richard "Levelord" Gray, Keith Schuler note
9 Derelict Allen Blum
10 The Queen Randy Pitchford
11 Area 51 (Secret Level) Randy Pitchford

Episode 5 - Alien World Order

The fifth episode was added to the game as part of the 20th Anniversary Edition. Levels in this episode are based in cities from around the world, including Amsterdam, Moscow, London, Giza, Paris, San Francisco, Hollywood, and Rome.

The final boss is the Cycloid Incinerator.

# Level Designer(s)
1 High Times Allen Blum
2 Red Ruckus Richard "Levelord" Gray
3 Bloody Hell Richard "Levelord" Gray, Randy Pitchford
4 Mirage Barrage Allen Blum
5 Tour de Nukem Richard "Levelord" Gray
6 Golden Carnage Allen Blum
7 Hollywood Inferno Allen Blum
8 Prima Arena (Secret Level) Richard "Levelord" Gray

Demo levels

The following three maps are extra levels that come with Duke Nukem 3D and showcase various effects and sprites. These can be imported and played as user maps, but they are merely demonstrative and were not meant to be played as part of the singleplayer campaign.

Level Designer(s)
_se.map (Sector Effector demo map) Allen Blum
_st.map (Sector Tag demo map) Allen Blum
_zoo.map (Zoo map) Allen Blum

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Authorship of some of the levels in The Birth has been disputed. Richard "Levelord" Gray partially contributed to the episode, but for reasons that are unclear, he was never officially credited for his work on any of the levels. The degree to which the various developers deserve credit for each of the levels remains controversial. (See The Birth#Disputed authorship for more information.)
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