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The levels associated with the expansion pack Duke It Out In D.C. replace the levels of the third episode. Duke Nukem sets off from the White House, through famous American landmarks in search of the kidnapped President.

Hell to the Chief[]

This level puts you smack dab in our nation's center of power - the White House. Here's your chance to see the Oval Office up close. However, you may be distracted by some unwanted tour groups.

Memorial Service[]

Honest Abe never had it so bad... The Aliens have shown up in force at the Lincoln memorial, but Duke arrives with his own brand of protest!

Nuked Files[]

If the truth is out there, there is no better place to find it than at the FBI building. Duke begins his own investigation into the aliens, with pipebomb in hand.

Smithsonian Terror[]

Duke arrives at the Smithsonian and begins his search of this massive museum. Duke wants to turn the aliens into a permanent exhibit on endangered species.

Capitol Punishment[]

An alien ship has crash landed into the Capitol Building where aliens have taken over both the house and senate. Duke decides to impose his own form of term limits - at the end of a shotgun!

Metro Mayhem[]

The DC Metro System, once a showcase of safe and efficient travel, is now a deathtrap where the aliens entertain themselves by running over hapless commuters. It's time for Duke to send them to their final destination!

Top Secret (secret level)[]

It's time for Duke to expose the top secret items our government's been hiding all these years, before the aliens get their slimy hands on them.

Brown Water[]

Duke finds that the D.C. sewer system is a common hang-out for alien scum. The sewerage system may soon overflow from all the alien waste Duke is about to flush through it.

Dread October[]

The most advanced nuclear submarine in the U.S. Navy has a new alien admiral. Duke shows up to institute a change in command.

Nuke Proof[]

Our nation's most secure command bunker now serves as the central commander center for the worldwide alien invasion force. It is impenetrable to any kind of Nuke attack, unless your name's Duke Nukem!

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