The levels in Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach span two new episodes: Life's A Beach and Vacation Dukematch. The new episodes replace the third and second episodes, respectively, from Duke Nukem 3D.

Caribbean Catastrophe[edit | edit source]

Duke washes up on a beach with only a Water Pistol in his hand. He storms through his hotel, cleaning out the aliens that have ruined his vacation.

Market Melee[edit | edit source]

Duke breaks out of jail and goes on a rampage through a small market village.

A Full House (secret level)[edit | edit source]

A secret level.

Mr. Splashy's[edit | edit source]

Duke visits a water park, but discovers the aliens have gotten there first. Before he can have some fun on the rides, he's going to have to have fun killing them.

The Wavemistress[edit | edit source]

Duke is inside a big ship. He have to make his way killing the aliens.

Note: Vacation style ship, with a swimming pool, bed rooms and a big deck!

Lost Lagoon[edit | edit source]

This time Duke have to go through a lagoon with a lot of waterfalls.

Voodoo Caves[edit | edit source]

Duke have to make his way throug some mysterious caves. Also in this level, there is a lot of waterfalls!

The Alien Remains[edit | edit source]

Now we finally get to see who decided to take the alien family on vacation: the Cycloid Emperor. It's time for Duke to take out the big guy so he can finally get some peace on his holiday.

Vacation Dukematch[edit | edit source]

This episode contains four new levels for Dukematch.

Island Hopping[edit | edit source]

Four small islands surrounding one larger island with a building on it. The building has 4 sides, and each side has a small room with a Coconut Launcher in it. At the 4 corners of the central island is a Super Soak'em, and on each of the small islands is a Coconut Launcher.

Hidden Grotto[edit | edit source]

A cave half-filled with water.

Cruise Ship[edit | edit source]

The Wavemistress cruise ship, but minus all the interior (except for the bridge and the elevator to it).

The Docks[edit | edit source]

A dock with small wooden jetties around the sides. The Kobayashi Maru sits in the middle. Underwater is just as big as the surface.

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