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The levels associated with the expansion pack Duke: Nuclear Winter replace the levels of the second episode. Duke Nukem visits some familiar places, before heading off to the North Pole in search of a childhood hero.

Deja Vu[]

This place looks hauntingly familiar, except this time Duke's going at it from a different direction. It's Christmas time in Los Angeles.

Where It All Began[]

This place is even more familiar. The season of goodwill is forgotten as Duke shows the festive aliens the true meaning of Christmas.

Nice crash at the start.

Land of Forgotten Toys[]

Remember that toy car you got when you were 5? No? Then it's here, in the Land of Forgotten Toys.

Santa's Corporate HQ[]

Santa runs a tight ship, which may be why the elves were so eager to rebel. Show them all what a deadline really is.

The Backdoor[]

Indeed yes. I don't remember any of these levels except the first two.


Christmas Village[]

Where all the elves live. Do they get paid, I wonder?

Here Comes Santa Claws[]

Duke's been a very bad boy, and Santa knows it. He's quite agile for such a fat man, and he's raring to blow Duke's socks off. Make sure you give him a large punch first.

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