The levels of Duke Nukem 3D take the player outdoors through rendered street scenes, military bases, deserts, flooded cities, space stations, moon bases and even Japanese villas. Many of the levels have a fairly non-linear design that allows players to thoroughly explore the levels a number of different ways and let them discover many secret areas. The non-linearity of the levels also allows them to be easily used in multiplayer games.

The levels of the game are the result of a number of people's work. The initials next to each level denotes who primarily created that level. (Information from DUKELVLS.TXT.)

Episode 1 - L.A. Meltdown Edit

This episode takes place in Los Angeles. Duke begins the game roaming deserted streets, an adult cinema and a strip show, before being arrested and taken to prison to be executed. Duke then breaks out and explores a waste processing facility, before ending up in the Battlelord's lair.

  1. AB - Hollywood Holocaust
  2. AB - Red Light District
  3. AB - Death Row
  4. AB - Toxic Dump (has secret exit to "Launch Facility")
  5. LL - The Abyss (has secret exit to "Faces of Death" in World Tour)
  6. AB - Launch Facility (secret level)
  7. AB - Faces of Death (Dukematch level. Single player level in World Tour)
  8. AB - Dukematch Level 1 (Dukematch level)

Episode 2 - Lunar Apocalypse Edit

This episode takes place outside Earth. Duke explores a number of spacecraft and space stations, before landing on the Moon to explore there as well. After forcing his way through some lunar facilities, he ends up facing off against the Overlord.

  1. AB - Spaceport
  2. LL - Incubator
  3. LL - Warp Factor
  4. AB - Fusion Station
  5. AB - Occupied Territory (has secret exit to "Spin Cycle")
  6. AB - Tiberius Station
  7. AB - Lunar Reactor
  8. AB - Dark Side (has secret exit to "Lunatic Fringe")
  9. AB - Overlord
  10. LL - Spin Cycle (secret level)
  11. LL - Lunatic Fringe (secret level)

Episode 3 - Shrapnel City Edit

Duke arrives back on Earth and ventures through several unrelated locations, including a bank, a movie set, a subway and a hotel, before ending up in a football stadium opposing the Cycloid Emperor.

  1. LL - Raw Meat
  2. LL - Bank Roll
  3. LL - Flood Zone
  4. LL - L.A. Rumble
  5. LL - Movie Set (has secret exit to "Tier Drops")
  6. LL - Rabid Transit
  7. LL - Fahrenheit
  8. LL - Hotel Hell (has secret exit to "Freeway")
  9. AB - Stadium
  10. LL - Tier Drops (secret level)
  11. AB - Freeway (secret level)

Note: Shrapnel City was also the name of the first episode of the original Duke Nukem game.

Episode 4 - The Birth Edit

Secret footage shows a woman giving birth to the Alien Queen, surrounded by a herd of not-before-seen aliens. After seeing this, Duke sets off from the secret missions facility, through a fast food restaurant, a theme park and a post office, towards an alien spaceship and the Alien Queen.

  1. RP - It's Impossible
  2. AB - Duke-Burger
  3. LL/GB - Shop-N-Bag
  4. AB - Babe Land
  5. LL - Pigsty (has secret exit to "Area 51")
  6. AB - Going Postal (see note below.)
  7. LL/KS - XXX-Stacy
  8. LL/KS - Critical Mass
  9. AB - Derelict
  10. RP - The Queen
  11. RP - Area 51 (secret level)

Note: Although the creator information for Going Postal is not present in DUKELVLS.TXT, opening the map in BUILD reveals the creator's initials (AHB = Allen H Blum) in the lower right corner. These initials are also present in other maps created by Allen.

Episode 5 - Alien World Order Edit

Alien World Order is the fifth episode in Duke Nukem 3D. It is only available in the 20th Anniversary edition of the game. Each mission is set in a different country around the world. From Amsterdam, Egypt and all the way back to Hollywood itself to name a few levels.

  1. AB - High Times
  2. LL - Red Ruckus
  3. LL - Bloody Hell
  4. AB - Mirage Barrage (has secret exit to "Prima Arena")
  5. LL - Tour de Nukem
  6. AB - Golden Carnage
  7. AB - Hollywood Inferno
  8. LL - Prima Arena (secret level)

Demo levels Edit

The following maps are extra levels that come with the game, and show examples of various effects and sprites. They are not meant to be played in.

  • AB - (Sector Effector demo map)
  • AB - (Sector Tag demo map)
  • AB - (Zoo map)

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