The levels associated with the expansion pack Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach replace the levels of the third episode, with the Dukematch levels replacing the second episode. Duke travels from his beach-side hotel through a market town and a theme park to a creepy place where voodoo magic seems to linger...

Caribbean Catastrophe Edit

Duke washes up on a beach with only a Water Pistol in his hand. He storms through his hotel, cleaning out the aliens that have ruined his vacation.

Market Melee Edit

Duke breaks out of jail and goes on a rampage through a small market village.

A Full House (secret level) Edit

A secret level.

Mr. Splashy's Edit

Duke visits a water park, but discovers the aliens have gotten there first. Before he can have some fun on the rides, he's going to have to have fun killing them.

The Wavemistress Edit

Duke is inside a big ship. He have to make his way killing the aliens.

Note: Vacation style ship, with a swimming pool, bed rooms and a big deck!

Lost Lagoon Edit

This time Duke have to go through a lagoon with a lot of waterfalls.

Voodoo Caves Edit

Duke have to make his way throug some mysterious caves. Also in this level, there is a lot of waterfalls!

The Alien Remains Edit

Now we finally get to see who decided to take the alien family on vacation: the Cycloid Emperor. It's time for Duke to take out the big guy so he can finally get some peace on his holiday.

Vacation Dukematch Edit

The second replacement "episode" contains four levels that were designed for DukeMatch games and have no exits.

Island Hopping Edit

Four small islands surrounding one larger island with a building on it. The building has 4 sides, and each side has a small room with a Coconut Launcher in it. At the 4 corners of the central island is a Super Soak'em, and on each of the small islands is a Coconut Launcher.

Hidden Grotto Edit

A cave half-filled with water.

Cruise Ship Edit

The Wavemistress cruise ship, but minus all the interior (except for the bridge and the elevator to it).

The Docks Edit

A dock with small wooden jetties around the sides. The Kobayashi Maru sits in the middle. Underwater is just as big as the surface.

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Secret level: A Full House
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Protective Sandals | Snorkel | Sunglasses
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Weapons Mighty Foot | Water Pistol | Super Soak'em | Triple Poison Shooter
Coconut Launcher | Pineapple | Voodoo Ring (shrinker)
Voodoo Ring (expander) | Conchanator | Voodoo Trip Bomb | Ice Crusher
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