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Level Infinity was a modding team. The team had nine members and released the Duke Nukem 3D/Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition total conversion Secrets Of The Acropolis (also called Infinity: Secrets Of The Acropolis) in 1997; it was first released on August 28th, 1997 and later updated on September 8th, 1997.

Team members[]

  • Aaron Barber – Level designer
  • Simon Castles – Music
  • Christa Forest (a.k.a. CD Warrior) – Texture art
  • Matthew Harris (a.k.a. MattCake) – Graphical text viewer, menu art, run/install utility, website graphics and maintenance
  • Ryan Isenberg (a.k.a. Tagg) – Level designer
  • Neil Munday – Level designer
  • Nick Parde (a.k.a. Narzoo) – Level designer
  • Jim Semkiw (a.k.a. Ironman) – Level designer
  • Cho Yan Wong (a.k.a. Tempy) – Level designer, website graphics and maintenance

DN3D mods[]