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Launch Facility is a secret level in Duke Nukem 3D. It is accessible from Toxic Dump in L.A. Meltdown.

This map is not a secret level in Duke Nukem 64, where it normally follows Toxic Dump.


Secret 1: Isolated pool of toxic waste

At the top of the spiral walkway near the beginning of the level, there is a series of four red buttons. Pressing the first, third, and fourth buttons will open the door to the control room in the central column of this room. However, this series of buttons will also open a passage inside the isolated pool of toxic waste that was passed earlier in the level. Going through the passage and emerging from the water will reveal a secret area. This secret is only counted if the player stands on the tile beneath the Atomic Health on the right-hand side.

Secret 2: Fan in the ceiling

Before reaching the outdoor area with the rocket, there is a control room with a Blue Access Card Panel. Just outside this room is an area with green brick textures on the floors and walls. Above the rampway in this room, there is a fan in the ceiling. After shooting the fan, it is possible to enter the ventilation shaft using the Jetpack to find a secret compartment inside. (The Jetpack can be obtained later in the level, at the top of the elevator above the rocket.)

Secret 3: Hidden door in the wall

Just before the giant gate that leads to the rocket, there is a control room full of Pig Cops and a switch that opens the gate. Across from the switch, there is a section of the wall that can be opened, revealing a secret compartment with Armor inside.

Secret 4: Computer terminals at the end of the level

Before entering the sewage canal at the end of the level, there is a room with a wall of computer terminals on one side. Opening the wall of computer terminals will reveal a secret compartment with Atomic Healths inside.


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