Last Reaction and Water Bases is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. It was created by George-William Bernard and released on March 2nd, 1999. It is considered to be one of the most famous total conversions in Duke Nukem 3D history, offering two brand new episodes (as said in the text files: E5 and E6, which replace episodes 2 and 3, respectively), new art, new sounds, new CON files, and modified monsters. Unlike many total conversions of the time, this one actually captured the original feeling of Duke Nukem 3D, especially in the second episode.

To play the mod with EDuke32, do the following steps:

1. After unzipping the mod's folder (lrwb), change the names of the following files:

LR&WB.CON (change the name to lrwb.CON)

LR&WB.GRP (change the name to lrwb.GRP)

2. Right-click on the "LR&WB" application (it is a .bat file), then choose edit. You will see this text appear:

duke3d /xLr&wb.con /glr&wb.grp

Edit the text so that it displays:

eduke32.exe /xlrwb.con /glrwb.grp

This will allow it to access EDuke32.exe. Save the modified LR&WB.bat file after editing it.

3. Copy and paste the unzipped lrwb folder into your EDuke32 folder, then copy and paste all of the mod's files from inside of the lrwb folder into your EDuke32 folder.

4. Run LR&WB.bat from inside your EDuke32 folder with the custom game content directory settings on the "lwrb" option.

Weapons Edit

Enemies Edit

Episodes Edit

Episode 2: Water Bases Edit

  • Aliens'Trap
  • Somewhere Else...
  • Green Harbour
  • Crystal Mine
  • The Gate To Atlantis
  • Atlantis Underground
  • Ace Of Clover
  • Alienation
  • A Tower In Space
  • Back To L.A.
  • Changing The Future?

Episode 3: Last Reaction Edit

  • Last Reaction
  • Mortal Transition
  • The Jungle Zone
  • Khaki Space
  • Lunar Factory
  • New L.A.
  • Old L.A. On Ice
  • Launch Base
  • Aliens'Detraining
  • Great Stadium
  • Hidden Base (secret, accessible from Launch Base)
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