The Laser Tripbomb is first found as a usable weapon in the Spaceport level in the episode Lunar Apocalypse. Before then, it is found already set, as traps for the player, first in the Death Row level in the episode L.A. Meltdown and in some subsequent levels.

Description Edit

The Laser Tripbomb is a weapon mainly used for setting traps. Once a player places it on a wall it'll activate after two seconds emitting a red laser beam coming from the Tripbomb, going across the room and ending once it hits a solid wall.

Any player or monster breaking the red laser beam will instantly destroy the Tripbomb which result in a explosion together with an enormous splash damage.

Tips and Tricks Edit


The already set Laser Tripbombs in Death Row.

  • One of the best weapons to use as a trap; try to place it in confined places such as ventilation shafts or narrow corridors to lessen the length of the laser beam thus making a player not noticing it fast enough before breaking it.
  • Arguably most fans consider the Laser Tripbomb a better choice for multiplayer games instead of single player, however the Tripbomb can be used efficiently in single player as long as the player has patience enough to lure monsters into his trap; unfortunately, due to the fast gameplay nature of the game, most players prefer to just run and gun instead of using the Laser Tripbomb.
  • A sort of trick to use is if you find yourself falling a long way, place one on a wall few meters before reaching the ground. It will immediately stop your decent for a safe landing.
  • Laser trip bombs that have already been placed can be "defused" with an explosive weapon.
  • You can combine this weapon with the pipebomb to explode all from distance.
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