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"Annoying little bastards!"

Larval Necros are smaller versions of Necros found in Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. They don't shoot mental blasts of energy, instead they bite. They don't do much damage. They always appear in large numbers and are somewhat hard to hit. At one point Duke refers to them as "annoying little bastards".

Game manual description[]

"Not all babies are cute. Most often found in the company of their adult counterparts, the larval form of the Necro is generally more aggressive in nature. Not powerful enough to fire discrete bursts of energy, they instead envelop themselves in a deadly plasma field."


Larval Necros tend to come in giant swarms so it's best to try and hide around a corner before throwing explosives into their vicinity or standing at the entrance to their domain and use a the flamethrower or energy weapon/zapper.