is an old beta version of Duke Nukem 3D, done around December 1994 and released on January 29, 1997 to commemorate the one year anniversary of Duke3d's release. This beta version had a radically different story and enemies. At this point in development, Duke3D's story was more of a direct continuation of Duke Nukem II, rather than branching off as it did in the final version. All but two of the levels in LameDuke never made it to the final version. The rest served as inspiration for the levels that came in the final game.

The game had four episodes in the following order:

Episodes Mrr Caliber | Mission Cockroach | Suck Hole | Hard Landing
Items Holoduke | Jetpack | Oxygen Tank | Shield | Steroids
Health: Soda Can | Six-pack
Weapons Tazer | Pistol | Plasma Cannon | Pipe Bomb | RPG | Sonic Resonator
Enemies Bat | Captain | Drone | Drone 2 | Mandroid
Jellyfish | Protozoid Slimer | Shark | Trooper | Turret