L.A. Meltdown is the first episode of Duke Nukem 3D. This episode takes place in Los Angeles, California and consists of eight levels, including two secret levels and one multiplayer-only level. The final boss is the Battlelord.

Hollywood Holocaust

E1L1 title
Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E1L1
Music Stalker
Par time 1:45
3D Realms' time 0:53
Enemies 25 - 56
Secrets 8

Red Light District

E1L2 title
Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E1L2
Music Taking the Death Toll
Par time 5:10
3D Realms' time 3:21
Enemies 35 - 80
Secrets 8

Death Row

E1L3 title
Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E1L3
Music The City Streets
Par time 5:35
3D Realms' time 3:41
Enemies 39 - 76
Secrets 10

Toxic Dump

This level contains a secret exit to Launch Facility.

Toxic Dump
Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E1L4
Music Water World
Par time 7:20
3D Realms' time 4:40
Enemies 41 - 81
Secrets 14

Launch Facility (Secret Level)

This level is reached via the secret exit on Toxic Dump.

Launch Facility
Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E1L6
Music The Call of Death
Par time 5:15
3D Realms' time 2:58
Enemies 30 - 59
Secrets 4

The Abyss

This level contains a secret exit to Faces of Death.

The boss on this level is the Battlelord.

Designer(s) Richard "Levelord" Gray
File name E1L5
Music Sneaky Snake
Par time 9:10
3D Realms' time 5:00
Enemies 16 - 72
Secrets 6, 7 (WT)

Faces of Death (Secret Level)

This level is reached via the secret exit on The Abyss.

Faces of Death
Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E1L7
Music Ah, Geez!
Par time 5:25
3D Realms' time 3:10
Enemies 7
Secrets 2

Dukematch Level 1 (Multiplayer Level)

This level is only accessible in multiplayer.

Designer(s) Allen Blum
File name E1L8
Music Taking the Death Toll
Par time N/A
3D Realms' time N/A
Enemies 0
Secrets 0
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