Jon St. John (born 19 December 1960) is the voice actor that voices Duke Nukem in the game Duke Nukem 3D and onwards (before that, the voice of Duke Nukem was voiced by Joe Siegler and Todd Replogle of Apogee Software). He also voiced Silverback in Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes. Stated in an interview that the voice of Duke Nukem was based upon Clint Eastwood's voice with a lower pitch. In an interview on, Jon St. John was asked about sound clips of his performance being used in a Ventrilo Harassment video, and replied "Yes...I was made aware of it by Jeron (an audio producer at 3DR) who suggested I check it out prior to recording a special Duke greeting to the 3DR crew just before the Duke Nukem Forever trailer was released. I laughed my head off! That lady was out of her mind pissed off!" and after being asked if he thought Nukem was "just another gig" he went on to say "Just another gig? Are you kidding? Duke is KING! Can you think of any other video game hero with his attitude, destructive force or good looks? I don't think so. I love playing the part of Duke and I'm honored to be associated with such a pop icon." He has done voice work for other games like Half-Life: Opposing Force, , Big the Cat and E-123 Omega for the English dubbing for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Roles in Duke Nukem Series[edit | edit source]

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