For the Duke Nukem Forever item, see Jetpack (DNF).

The Jetpack is an inventory item in Duke Nukem 3D and its ports.

Description Edit

The Jetpack is a large silver device that is worn on the back. It propels the wearer into the air.

Whenever the Jetpack is in operation, it depletes its fuel at a constant rate, regardless of the movement the wearer is performing.

Trivia Edit

  • A Jetpack will always appear on Duke's sprites, even if the player does not have one at the time. It is also the only inventory item to be displayed on Duke's sprites at all.
  • Two enemies wear a Jetpack: the Assault Trooper and Assault Captain. However, these enemies will never drop a Jetpack when killed.
  • A number of levels are designed with open skies. However, the player cannot exist outside of the map, leading to a flying player being stopped from going outside of the map by invisible walls, even though there is no physical reason why they can't.
    • The level Derelict is a particularly good example of this behaviour, as it is possible to attempt to leave the map even without a Jetpack.
    • When using God mode the Jetpack’s fuel will last indefinitely.
  • It is possible to skip some regular-gameplay parts of some levels with a Jetpack. The most notable example is the level Fusion Station which can be nearly entirely skipped with it. This is due to the fact that Jetpack is preserved in player's inventory between levels, however the levels are not designed for player having a Jetpack at the level start.
    • The solution to this problem would be removing Jetpack from player's inventory at each level start. It really happens only in the level Death Row, where you actually lose all items.
  • There are six levels in the single-player campaign where you can't use a Jetpack without cheating. They are Death Row, Toxic Dump, High Times, Red Ruckus, Bloody Hell, and Mirage Barrage.

The Jetpack in other games Edit


The Jetpack appears as a usable and enemy item in LameDuke. It behaves exactly the same as the finals, but has a neat-looking flame trail that comes from whatever direction you’re moving and a bad-looking sprite.



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