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Jenny is an agent for the Earth Defense Forces who goes undercover as a sex worker in Duke Nukem Advance. She is cloned by the aliens. Jenny and all four of her clones must be found over the course of the game.



Jenny first appears on level one of Sydney in a night club, where she is found stating that some "skin has been scraped" off her arm.

She is cloned four times by the aliens, and her clones are placed in the Alien Ship. Duke deduces the aliens are using the clones to propagate their species.

By the end of the game, all of the clones are located and manage to escape from the aliens.

Before the credits roll, an image is shown of Duke sitting in a hot tub with a woman who has a blonde ponytail, but it is unclear whether this is specifically meant to represent Jenny.


Jenny's in-game sprite is nearly identical to the toe-tapping sex worker in Duke Nukem 3D. The most notable difference is that Jenny's hair is blonde, whereas the original had brown hair.

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