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JJ Duke Nukem 3D is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. It was created by Jason Bredhauer (a.k.a. Overlord) and Jonathon Fowler and released in 1998. JJ Duke Nukem 3D includes new levels, new artwork, new sound effects, and a new power-up called the SuperDukePak.

In order for some source ports, such as EDuke32, to run JJ Duke Nukem 3D (version jjd101a) and the two updated versions, the player must create a new folder and put the files from inside the jjd101a, jj101a-101b, and jj101a-101c file folders into the new folder, then left click and drag the JJGAME.CON file into the main .exe. If the player included the E3L2 map file from jj101a-101b and put it into the new folder, it is not necessary to copy and paste the E3L2 map file from jj101a-101c into the new folder.


The first version of JJ Duke Nukem 3D, jjd101, was released on November 6th, 1998. Three updated versions, jjd101a, jj101a-101b, and jj101a-101c, were released on November 12th, 1998, February 5th, 1999, and June 7th, 1999, respectively. The updated versions do not require the files from version jjd101 to work, though both the jj101a-101b and jj101a-101c updates require version jjd101a to work. The first update allowed the mod to be played without an installation program and allowed for Mac support (the original release was for the PC only), the second update fixed a bug in E3L2 with a forcefield that the player couldn't pass but the aliens could, and the third update fixed two bugs that were present in previous versions (the bug from the first update is also fixed in the third update); the custom art tiles in E1L2 were messed up in previous versions and a minor issue in E1L3 was fixed. All of the bugs were fixed by Jonathon Fowler. The JJREADME text file included in version jjd101a stated that JJ Duke Nukem 3D took nearly two years to finish development.



JJ Duke Nukem 3D has eighteen levels.

Episode 1: The Exorcism[]

  • Disturbance
  • Rush Hour
  • Backstreets
  • Industrialised
  • Show Down

Episode 2: The Invasion[]

  • Polaris Outpost
  • Solar Flare
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Back in a Hurry

Episode 3: L.A. Carnage[]

  • Home Sweet Home
  • Mob Mentality
  • Hollywood Carnage
  • Motel Mayhem
  • Nightmare Junction
  • Shop-N-Die
  • Rumble in the Tunnel
  • Duke vs Badass
  • Adult Entertainment (secret, accessible from Home Sweet Home)


Startup Program Creator: Jonathon Fowler

Con Programming: Jason Bredhauer, Jonathon Fowler

Custom Artwork: Jason Bredhauer, Jonathon Fowler

Custom Animation: Jonathon Fowler

Custom Sounds: Jason Bredhauer, Jonathon Fowler

Episode 1 Creator: Jonathon Fowler

Episode 2 Creator: Jason Bredhauer

Episode 3 Creator: Jason Bredhauer

Credits information source: JJREADME text file included with version jjd101a of JJ Duke Nukem 3D.