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Jurgen Hoff

ObnerGruppenFhuhrer Jürgen Hoff was a member of the SS Nazi paramilitary group. He oversaw the construction of the creation of the advanced saucer ships and was a liaison for the Vrilerinnen.

While looking at the current construction of the saucers, the Vril-ya leader, Maria, expressed to Hoff that the Nazis were becoming insufficient, and that their Fuhrer was losing the war. This infuriated the loyal nazi officer, but Maria went on to finish what she said by informing him that they found better serving replacements. With the alien forces of Pigcop, Assault Troopers, and a giant reptilian cyborg appearing through a nearby portal, they proceeded to slaughter the unprepared Nazi officer and the rest of the Nazi forces.


Being a senior officer of Hitler's paramilitary branch, he is extremely loyal to the fuhrer. He became infuriated when Maria began to express the opinion of the Fuhrer has lost the war and that Nazis were deemed insufficient with alien's requirements.


  • Jurgen's rank was a real-life senior rank that was exclusive to paramilitary branch of Hitler's Nazi Germany.
    • The concept of a Nazi elite group dedicated to the paranormal is a notable trope in various media.
  • The name is a pun of the term, "jerking off"