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This page lists all items in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.


All power-ups activate the moment they are obtained, and they only last for a limited amount of time.

  • Double Damage - Duke glows red and deals double damage. Upon obtaining this power-up up, Duke utters the catchphrase: "It´s clobberin' time!"
  • Forcefield - Three green objects rotate around Duke, making him invulnerable. Whenever Duke would be damaged while he is holding this power-up, the forcefield sizzles and glows.
  • Jetpack - Allows aerial travel.


There are 10 secret items per level. These secret items are known as "Nukes." Collecting all 10 Nukes on the same level will permanently increase the player's maximum Ego by 2 and increase the player's maximum ammo capacities.

  • Collecting all the Nukes in the game on Easy difficulty will double the strength of the Mighty Boot.
  • Collecting all the Nukes in the game on Normal difficulty will halve the damage the player receives, and it will turn Duke's shirt blue (except in the end-of-level cutscenes).
  • Collecting all the Nukes in the game on Hard difficulty will reward the player with the X-3000, the most powerful weapon in the game.