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The Inflatable Sea Monster is an enemy exclusive to Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach. It is first encountered on the expansion pack's first level, Caribbean Catastrophe.


The Inflatable Sea Monster consists of a dragon-shaped swim tube with a Pig Cop inside. It appears to hover or bounce along the ground. Red, blue, and yellow varieties can be found throughout the game, but its color has no effect on its other characteristics.

Combat analysis

The Inflatable Sea Monster spits explosive coconuts, like those fired by the Coconut Launcher, and inflicts major damage. It fires very quickly on-sight.

The Water Pistol is capable of killing the Inflatable Sea Monster with only a couple squirts, as it has less health than the Assault Trooper.


  • The Enforcer from Duke Nukem 3D was overwritten in the game's code in order to accommodate the Inflatable Sea Monster. This was done before the release of the Atomic Edition, which allows for the CON scripting of new enemies without overwriting old ones.

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