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Infestation in Time Revisited is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. It was created by Zykov Eddy and released in 2012. Infestation in Time Revisited, as the name implies, is a revised version of Zykov Eddy's Infestation in Time mod. Infestation in Time Revisited contains multiple bug fixes, as well as multiple new features.

To play the mod, unzip the mod's main folder, "iit_revisited_fixed", unzip the folder "IITTC" folder inside the unzipped iit_revisited_fixed folder, copy and paste the unzipped iit_fixed_revisited folder into your EDuke32 folder, copy and paste the files "IITTC.bat", "IITTC.DEF", and "IITTC.GRP" into your EDuke32 folder, then double click on "IIITC.bat" and put the custom game content directory settings on the "iit_revisited_fixed" option.


  • Mighty Boot (uses the Duke Nukem 3D sprite)
  • Golden Pistol (uses a new 3D model, Pistol replacement)
  • Shotgun (uses a 3D model)
  • Chaingun (uses a 3D model, Chaingun Cannon replacement)
  • Rocket Launcher (uses a 3D model, RPG replacement)
  • Pipe Bomb (uses a 3D model)
  • Grenade Launcher (uses a new 3D model, Shrinker replacement)
  • Glock 17 (uses a new 3D model, Microwave Expander replacement)
  • Plasma Devastator (uses a new 3D model, Devastator replacement)
  • Wall Mine (uses a new 3D model, Laser Tripbomb replacement)
  • Flame Cannon (uses a new 3D model, Freezethrower replacement)

Episodes & Difficulty Levels[]

Infestation in Time Revisited contains 39 levels (18 single player levels and 21 multiplayer levels).

Episode 1: Time Paradox[]

  • Training Course
  • Duke's Home
  • Park Avenue
  • Ringo Ashens
  • Fallen City
  • Downtown Street
  • To The Center Of LA
  • The Queen
  • Wolfenshtein Complex

Episode 2: Starless Through The Ages[]

  • EDF Base
  • Runnin' Away!
  • Antarctica
  • Time Tunnel
  • Medieval Era
  • Land Of Winds
  • Inside The Machine
  • My First Map
  • Sonic Nukem

Episode 3: DukeMatch Maps[]

  • Alien Hide
  • Base In Space
  • Cargo Base
  • Station X
  • Dark Moon
  • The Dream City
  • Shrinked?
  • Really Big Arena
  • Arena
  • The Temple
  • The Death Alive
  • Let's Fight!
  • Street Fight

Episode 4: CTF And Bot Maps[]

  • CTF 1
  • CTF 2
  • CTF 3
  • CTF 4
  • DM Bot Match
  • DM Bot Match2
  • DM Bot Match3
  • DM Bot Match4

Difficulty Levels[]

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • The Razor's Edge