Inferno is a multiplayer level in Duke Nukem Forever available with the Hail to the Icons Parody Pack expansion pack, which is a parody/tribute to the game Doom.  

Trivia/Easter eggs Edit

  • The levels main layout is mapped after the first level of Doom 2.
  • The levels overall look is modeled after the depiction of hell in Doom 3.
  • There is an image of what appears to be a Cacodemon on one of the walls, yet instead of horns, it has multiple penises coming out of it.
  • There is a vending machine that sells key-cards, yet sadly it is out of order.
  • Many of the textures in the level are pixelated to give it that authentic old school feel.
  • Humorously, there are signs warming against fishing and diving in the surrounding lava fields.
  • The name of the level might be based on the title of the 3rd episode from doom.

"Keycard? I don't need no fucking keycard!"

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