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Incubator is the second level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.


Secrets 1-2: Compartment inside the compartment

After passing through the second doorway on this level, there is a pack of Shotgun ammo on top of some control panels on the left. To the right of these control panels, there is a gray panel on the wall. Open the gray panel and jump into the compartment inside. Open the back wall of the compartment and step forward into the shadows to claim the first secret. The second secret is claimed by turning left and stepping into the light. These two secrets were likely meant to be only one secret, but the secret was probably coded incorrectly by the level designer.

In the hallway with the red forcefield, there is an Earth Defense Forces logo on the wall. Jumping through the logo will reveal a secret compartment with a Portable Medkit inside.

Secret 4: Freezethrower

In the room where the floor lowers when Duke first approaches, there are some computer panels with a pack of Shotgun ammo sitting on them. To the left of these computer panels, there are two large wall panels. Open the right wall panel to reveal a secret room with a Holoduke and the first Freezethrower of the game.

Secret 5: Follow the blood

In the room with the switch that deactivates the red forcefield, one side of the room has two large wall panels. Blood can be seen oozing from beneath the left panel. Opening the right panel will reveal a secret compartment with Chaingun Cannon ammo inside.


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Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Incubator (E2L2) -All Secrets-

Easter eggs

  • In the first secret area of the level, there is a security monitor. Interacting with the monitor will show a screen that displays the number 1138. This is a reference to the movie THX-1138 by George Lucas.
  • Under the big EDF logo near the junction, the same number is shown, this time colored silver. This is another reference to THX-1138.


  • There are numerous out-of-bounds areas on this level that can only be accessed using the no-clip cheat:
    • After passing through the second doorway on this level, head to the far end of this room and turn left. Proceed straight out of bounds until another room is found. The "dnshowmap" cheat may help. This out-of-bounds area contains wall textures that match an unidentified pre-release screenshot that might correspond to an early version of this map. There are two compartments on either side of the room; one contains a Portable Medkit and Steroids, whereas the other contains Scuba Gear. One wall consists of an elevator that does not work correctly.
    • Near the EDF logo, there is a wall that lowers to reveal an entire room when approached. Using the no-clip cheat to enter the irregularly shaped column in the middle of this room, four rectangular compartments can be found inside. These compartments use the game's default texture on all interior surfaces.
    • Another unused compartment can be found outside the right-hand corridor that wraps around the hatchery, directly across from the Yellow Access Card Panel.


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