In Security is the 3rd level in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  1. Watch in terror as a flying ball kills someone in the room straight ahead. Move to the right, and enter stage one of scanning.
  2. Proceed to stage two of scanning, and wait. Once it’s complete, proceed to stage three. The lights will dim, and enemies will pour in from the roof. After you kill them, lasers will activate.
  3. Avoid the lasers, and double back the way you came. Force open the doors, and keep avoiding the lasers. Drop down, and crouch through the vents. Dodge the lasers, and move through to the next room.
  4. Kill everything in the alien-infested room. Shoot the object that is blocking the exit, and move through until you see a small entrance high up on the wall.
  5. Use the object that is on the wall next to the entrance to jump up into it. Crouch into the next room. If you need to, drink the hot sauce on the table for an ego boost. In the room with the dead bodies, watch Dr. Proton on the monitor.
  6. Move through the doors to the manufacturing factory.
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