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Illegal Alien is the final level of the "Space Gladiators" episode of Alien Armageddon.


After escaping from Emperor Braccus' sick, rigged Fragathon games with Princess Deanova's help, Duke Nukem and Bombshell must escape the planet Varanos and return to Earth by any means necessary. To do so, they must fight alongside Deanova (who has pledged to stay with them) through the expansive cityscape, reach a usable spaceship, and escape before Braccus and his forces recapture them. But there may just be someone waiting for them at the end... one last barrier between Varanos and Earth.


There are 5 secrets in this level.

Secret 1: Red Rum, Red Rum![]

In order to progress in the level, you will eventually find yourself in a sequence of really red rooms, the last of which contains a security monitor with a switch next to it. This switch will allow progression to continue in the level, but before you leave, look to the left and up of the switch to see a button high up on the wall. Shoot the button to open a large secret alcove on the other side of the room, containing 3 Small Medkits and the Vorpal Sword.

Secret 2: Bridge over Trouble[]

When you get to the giant, metal bridge overlooking the part of the city you just came from, head to the other end into the tunnel, and look to your left to see a crack in the wall. Blow it up and go inside to find an Assault Trooper and some health, along with an elevator. Head up the elevator to find some Pistol and Shotgun ammo, as well as a large section of wall that opens up to the outside area.

Secret 3: Before You Leave...[]

Before leaving the previous secret, look to your right past the large section of wall that just opened up and jump around to find a narrow ledge containing 3 Spider-Mines, Armor, M4 Carbine ammo, and a Small Medkit.

Secret 4: A Peachy Surprise[]

Eventually, you will come to a large hallway, and Braccus' face will appear on two large wall panels on either side of you. At the very end of this hallway (along with other enemies) are two Swivel Turrets you must destroy. Do so, then before heading through, turn to your left and look at the panel on the corner of the wall. It doesn't seem like it, but the lower one can be walked through. Crouch and go through it all the way to find an Atomic Health, and a very interesting Easter Egg.

Secret 5: Alternate Universes[]

When you meet back up with Princess Deanova, you will be in another big outdoor part of the city. After clearing out a good bit of the enemies (at least as many as you can so you're no longer being distracted), head down the ramp to go to ground level, but instead of going straight ahead, turn to your left and go that way instead. Near the end of the road, look to your left and you will notice a section of windows on the building that look misaligned. Jump through here to find a secret room with another interesting Easter Egg, as well as Rolly Turrets, RPG Ammo, and a Large Medkit.