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The HoverMech is an enemy in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. There are three different variants of this enemy and all three are capable of hovering and flight and in addition they all generate a rather nasty explosion upon being destroyed so they're best dealt with from a distance, much like the Sentry Drone in Duke Nukem 3D. Their main purpose is to monitor activities of opposition especially Duke Nukem's.

Note: Only the Level 1 variant will actually charge the player and self destruct.

HoverMech Lv1[]


The player will first meet this enemy in the first part of the first chapter "Rooftop Rebellion". It basically looks like a floating camera and can be heard taking pictures of areas to undoubtedly send information to Mech Morphix. The lense of it is yellow but when it sees the player it will change to red and then the camera will attempt to charge the player and it will explode upon colliding with the player; it's role is quite similar to the Sentry Drone in Duke Nukem 3D. Depending on where the player is hit it could take up to 40 ego away and not only that even if the player does destroy it the resulting explosion could still do some damage if they're too close so it's best to stay away from these enemies when attempting to destroy them but because they don't take much punishment; it shouldn't be too much hassle to take them out from a distance. This is the only variant that will actually charge the player and self destruct as the two later variants have weapons.

HoverMech Lv2[]


This one looks quite similar to the Lv1 variant except it's a bit bigger and broader. It also floats around taking pictures till it detects the player and like the Lv1 variant it also has a yellow lense that will change to red when in alert mode. Aside from being tougher than the Lv1 variant; this one is armed with lasers that can do 20 damage per shot. The player needs to be careful when taking this one out because if it's too close the player could lose 40 ego at maximum from the resulting explosion of destroying it.

HoverMech Lv3[]


The third variant is the most durable and can easily be recognised by the laser gun attached underneath it and because of this gun it looks a lot bigger than the other two variants. The laser's it fires can do 30 damage and upon being destroyed if the players too close it could take up to 40 ego away; the damage will vary depending on the distance; so like the other two it's best for the player to keep their distance.