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The Holsommobile is a drivable RC car that appears in Duke Nukem Forever DLC Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


The Holsommobile is a RC car that Duke Nukem can drive while shrunk that appears in the Level "Meat Grinder" and is a reference to the Holsom Twins as the RC car is a girl's toy, has a purple/pink color with pictures of flowers and the Twins in the sides of the car.

When Duke drives it, the car quotes some lines from the Holsom Twins which ends up annoying Duke; he ends up begging the car to "Shut the fuck up". These lines are a reference to the semi-controversial Teen Talk Barbie .


  • Oh I love it when we go fast!!
  • I love it when we go fast!!
  • We'll share everything, even boys!!
  • We're all BEST friends!
  • I love math, it helps me add how many shoes I can buy.
  • Boys are silly, let's drive to the mall.
  • School is boring, let's go shopping.
  • I can be anything I want, an engineer or a scientist, but I really rather just go shopping, duh!
  • Oh lets go home and paint each others' toe nails!
  • Someday, I wanna have two boyfriends, just like Mom!!
  • Let's go get some shoes!!
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