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Mary and Kate Holsom, better known as the Holsom twins, are celebrity pop stars in Duke Nukem Forever.


Mary and Kate Holsom are famous pop stars in the Duke Nukem universe. They have blonde hair, wear naughty schoolgirl outfits, and appear to be in their late teens or early twenties. They have striking, exaggerated personalities, which could be characterized as playful and devious. They frequently make jokes with sexual innuendos, and they behave childishly for their age. For example, they pretend to be deathly afraid of the dark every time the lights are turned off, and they play a game of tag while waiting for Duke Nukem in the Lady Killer Casino.

The twins are known to have a close affiliation with Duke Nukem, with whom they have a sexual relationship.


The Holsom twins are captured by the aliens and taken to the Hive to breed more aliens. When Duke discovers them, they tell him of their plight. As a comical reference to the unexplained fact that Duke never freed any of the captive women in Duke Nukem 3D, Duke responds by telling the twins, "Looks like you're... F***ed." The twins give birth to baby Octabrains, exploding violently in the process. Duke immediately vows vengeance on the Alien Queen.

Despite his callous final words to the doomed twins, it is revealed that Duke was emotionally affected by the twins' deaths during a conversation with Dylan in The Doctor Who Cloned Me.


  • The "Holsom" surname is a reference to the Olsen twins, and the Holsom twins' first names are derived from Mary-Kate Olsen's first name. It is also a play on the word "wholesome."
  • The twins appear to hold the rights to a toy franchise; a pink RC car, the Holsommobile, is named after them.
  • According to voice recordings played by the Holsommobile, the twins' mother had two boyfriends.
  • The twins are the main objective in the game's "Capture the Babe" multiplayer game mode.
  • Even after dying, the twins can still be unlocked in My Digs. Duke will even ask how they are alive.

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