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For the Duke Nukem Forever item, see Holoduke (DNF).

The Holoduke is an inventory item in Duke Nukem 3D and its ports.


The Holoduke is a device that projects a fully realistic image of its user in the position it is used in (it drops to ground level if used in the air). It rotates depending on its user's direction (see "Trivia" below), but does not copy any other action its user does.

If used underwater, the Holoduke will appear as a swimming Duke, even if the player is above water. The opposite is also true.

In deathmatch, the holoduke is most useful as a surprise, scaring opponents into shooting and giving away their location. Under night vision goggles, it shows up different than a player, being darkened instead of bright green.


  • The direction the Holoduke faces in depends on the direction the player is facing. The player and the Holoduke will both face the same direction when looking up or down the main y-axis of the level (up/down), but the Holoduke rotates in the opposite direction to the player (so when the player faces left, the Holoduke faces right; and vice versa).
  • The Holoduke is completely ignored by the enemy AI, except that it may block their movement. The Octabrain is the only enemy that will attack it and actually fulfill its intended purpose.
    • Because of this, the Holoduke is widely regarded as the most useless inventory item in the game, due to its ineffectiveness in single player. It is still useful against human opponents, however.

The Holoduke in other games[]

  • The Holoduke features in every port and expansion pack of Duke Nukem 3D.

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