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Hollywood Inferno is the seventh and final level of Alien World Order in Duke Nukem 3D and takes place in Hollywood. It culminates in a boss battle with the Cycloid Incinerator.


Secret 1: Crack in the canyon wall

From the start of the level, follow the chain link fence on the right-hand side until it ends. Shortly thereafter, a crack can be found in the canyon wall on the right-hand side. Blast through the crack to find the first secret.

Secret 2: Crack in collapsed traffic tunnel

Upon reaching the street packed with vehicles, turn left to face the tunnel that is blocked by fallen rocks. There is a crack in the wall that can be destroyed. Inside is the second secret.

Secret 3: Corner beside the Shrinker

In the "Employees Only" room containing the teleporter near the end of the level, find the Shrinker at the back of the room. A switch can be found on the back wall beside the Shrinker. Flipping the switch will reveal a secret compartment in the corner.



Hollywood Inferno - All Secrets on the Hardest Difficulty


  • The Hollywood sign can be seen in the background of most of the city levels in the earlier episodes. This is the first time the player finally gets to visit it.
  • The "DUF BEER" blimp from Stadium returns above the Hollywood Sign. Destroy it with an explosive for goodies such as weapons and items to use.
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